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Lisa's song Key to the Door

Aldora Britain Records

Aldora Britain Records released Lisa's song Key to the Door  on September 13.

"Key To The Door is a beautiful collision of rootsy anthemic, featuring healthy doses of blues rock and folk rock, and underpinned by a soulful energy. It is the perfect progression from Anderson's gentle Americana, showing a different side to this fantastic artist. It is soaring, emotionally-charged and menacing all at the same time. It could even be a long-lost gem from Buckingham and Nicks-era Fleetwood Mac." 

Thomas Hilton

Aldora Britain Records


Sunday, October 1 - 3-6pm
Canberra Bowling Club
A special performance at the Canberra Bowling Club in Canberra, Australia.
 25 Hobart Avenue, FORREST ACT 2603

Saturday, October 21 - 7pm
The Lion's Den - The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge
Main St. - Stockbridge